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Changing Industry Together

Find out how we are changing the narrative about women on site. #WomenOnTools

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#WomenOnTools Video

We'd like to invite you to hear the stories of forward-thinking business owners that have invested in training female apprentices.

WOT Video

Employers Supporting #WomenOnTools

We're proud to showcase the forward-thinking BluLever employer partners who are unlocking the potential of female apprentices and building the future talent of trade work in SA.

WOT Employers


 These are the courageous young female apprentices who are shifting the narrative of women on-site and working every day to overcome myths about women in the trades. 

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WOT Partners

#WomenOnTools Partners

These are the partners that power #WomenOnTools. Together we're changing the narrative about women on-site and empowering women to overcome myths about women in the trades.

Hire an apprentie

Hire An Apprentice

If you are ready to hire an apprentice or would like to organise a meeting to find out more information contact Kaelin or Linton today.

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Kaelin Naidoo

CRM Manager



+27 67 769 9181

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Linton Daki

CRM Senior Associate



+27 67 194 8892

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