Do you have what it takes to
be a fixer?

If you have a hard-working attitude, are good with your hands and with people and you enjoy solving problems, then you have what it takes to

be an artisan!

Take a moment to reflect and consider whether you tick all the boxes and have what it takes...

Good Mindset

Are you able to think positively and make the most out of any situation?

Hand Skills

Are you good with your hands and using tools to fix and create things?

People Skills

Are you good at listening, relating to, and communicating with other people?

Problem Solving

Are you good at understanding mechanical systems and finding solutions to problems?

Journey to Becoming a Plumber


Base Camp



Trade Test 


Supported in Your Job Search

Keep Growing with 

Short Courses

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What is an Artisan?

An artisan is someone who works in a skilled trade, especially one that involves using your hands. Examples of artisans are: plumbers, electricians, welders, boilermakers etc.

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Take a look at the BluLever apprenticeship journey that equips young people with the 

skills to become exceptional apprentices and gives them the tools to get a good job and begin building an artisan career.

Do you want to live your best life? Get the tools...

You don't need an expensive university degree to get a dream job. Is an artisan career your ticket to building the life you want?

As an artisan you can:

Earn while you learn

You could earn R3500 - R5000 while you learn, during your BluLever apprenticeship.

Make money in a good job

Artisan careers offer young people a pathway into stable, well-paying jobs in big companies.

Be your own boss

As an artisan, it's easy to start your own business and become your own boss.

Mix it up ever day

As a plumber, you are always solving different problems and interacting with new people.


Fill your toolbox with opportunity:
The BluLever Apprenticeship.

Take a moment to imagine if...

Stop Imagining. This is what's on offer with a BluLever apprenticeship and much more...

“From LBC, to on campus training to work-based learning, this opportunity has changed my life! I now feel it in my bones that I am a plumber and I can't wait to see what the future holds for me.”

Siya, BluLever Apprentice

Stop Imagining. This is it!

Everything you see above is on offer with a BluLever apprenticeship and much more... BluLever is completely changing artisan education with highly effective, future-focused training solutions to offer the best artisan education in Africa.